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Elekeiroz Acquires Right to Use Biotechnological Process Technology

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Elekeiroz has acquired the exclusive right to use the butanol production technology owned by US-based biotechnology company Coskata, in the same year that the company celebrates its 120 years of history and success in the Brazilian chemical industry.

Based on a biofermentation process that uses syngas as feedstock, this technology allows butanol to be produced at competitive costs compared to the oxo process, which is standard for producing alcohols. Syngas can be produced using either natural gas or biomass, a renewable resource in abundant supply in Brazil.

With this technology acquisition, Elekeiroz now has the exclusive right to produce butanol by this route and market it in Latin America. The acquisition of this technology has already been submitted to and approved by the INPI (Brazil’s National Institute of Industrial Property).

Elekeiroz president and CEO Marcos De Marchi says, “In late 2013, we increased our syngas production capacity by acquiring Air Products’ Camaçari plant. Following that, by acquiring the Coskata technology, we bolster our position as Latin America’s leading producer of oxo alcohols.”

As a pioneering producer of butanol from renewable sources at the Igarassu site, Pernambuco between the 1960’s and the 1990’s, Elekeiroz concluded that the Coskata technology has proven more competitive than the other known biofermentation routes. “Accordingly, Elekeiroz engages in the world of biotechnology in the state of the art, opening the doors to new developments from similar technologies, with production processes making use of competitive, abundant, renewable and sustainable feedstock,” Marcos De Marchi stresses.

Elekeiroz S.A., a 100-percent Brazilian publicly-held business controlled by the holding company Itaúsa, has a history of 120 years marked by pioneering initiatives. Today it is South America’s leading supplier of oxo alcohols, plasticizers, organic anhydrides (phthalic and maleic), 2-ethyl hexanoic acid and fumaric acid, as well as a major producer of unsaturated polyester resins, formaldehyde, urea formaldehyde concentrate and sulfuric acid. Its capacity is in excess of 500,000 tons per year at three strategically well-located plants, one in Várzea Paulista, São Paulo, and two at the Camaçari Industrial Complex, Bahia.

Headquartered in Warrenville, Illinois (USA), Coskata Inc. is a leading alternative fuel technology and chemical company. It has developed and patented a technology that converts a wide variety of abundant raw materials, such as natural gas, wood, waste, process gases and other carbon-containing materials, into fuels and chemicals at low costs. Coskata has combined cutting-edge syngas production and purification technologies with its extensive knowledge of molecular biology and process engineering to create an innovative syngas fermentation technology platform.

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