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Elekeiroz and Cesari Strike Strategic Partnership in Várzea Paulista

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noticias-cesari3 (1)Elekeiroz has taken an important step towards optimizing its supply chain and distribution by entering into a strategic, long-term strategic partnership with Cesari, one of the largest domestic companies specializing in chemical logistics.

The scope of the partnership encompasses all of the logistical operations at the Várzea Paulista site, where Elekeiroz operates an industrial complex that produces key inputs like plasticizers, anhydrides, resins, formaldehyde and sulfuric acid. Cesari is investing in our logistical infrastructure and implementing the best practices in the marketplace, focused on seeking excellence in the provision of logistical and multimodal transport services.

“As part of the revision of our strategic planning, we aim to stand as a solution provider in the markets we serve, and a flexible provision of logistical services is the key to success in securing a loyal customer base and making new business ventures possible,” says Elekeiroz CEO Marcos De Marchi.

“We are ready to face future challenges through an efficient, world-class logistical infrastructure, affording Elekeiroz and their customers sustainable conditions for their growth,” stresses Cesari director Heber Spina Borlenghi.

New business opportunities and operational excellence are the main motivation for this partnership. Cesari has already started construction on a distribution center covering an area of 120 square meters at the Várzea Paulista production complex, whose convenient location will enable it to use the rail mode of transport, which has been 100-percent integrated with the Port of Santos by Elekeiroz and other partners.

The two companies share the same ethical values, prioritizing the safety of people and the community, as well as care for the environment.

Elekeiroz S.A., a 100-percent Brazilian publicly-held business controlled by the holding company Itaúsa, has a history of 120 years marked by pioneering initiatives. Today it is South America’s leading supplier of oxo alcohols, plasticizers, organic anhydrides (phthalic and maleic), 2-ethyl hexanoic acid and fumaric acid, as well as a major producer of unsaturated polyester resins, formaldehyde, urea formaldehyde concentrate and sulfuric acid. Its capacity is in excess of 500,000 tons per year at three strategically well-located plants, one in Várzea Paulista, São Paulo, and two at the Camaçari Industrial Complex, Bahia.

The CESARI GROUP is a modern company perfectly in tune with the demands in the market segments it serves: (i) Transport by Road, Rail, River and Sea; (ii) Terminals for handling Solid and Liquid Bulks, General Warehouses and REDEX; (iii) Empty Isotank Decontamination and Maintenance; (iv) Isotank Rental; and (v) Waste Management. It is headquartered at the Raiz da Serra Logistical Park, within the Cubatão Industrial Complex, São Paulo, covering a total area of 2.7 million square meters, 50 percent of which is usable, and the rest is maintained for preserving the Atlantic Rainforest. With 13 branches at strategic places in Brazil and highly skilled personnel, the company is ready to meet market requirements and always provide customers with the best solutions in a sustainable fashion.

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