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Innovation as Strategy

Innovation and technology play a key, strategic role at Elekeiroz. As we work in conjunction with our partners, suppliers and customers on the development of new products and solutions, the results of our innovation and technology-related efforts reflect in improved competitiveness and new product launches, such as:

Dioctyl Cyclohexanoate (DOCH), a high-performance non-phthalate plasticizer;
N-Butyric Acid, a product extensively used in fragrances and animal feed additives;
Polyester Resins with unique properties for the most varied of markets and applications

People & Infrastructure

Elekeiroz employees and the skills they develop over time are the cornerstone of innovation and technology. In order to multiply our potential for creating solutions, new products and improvements to existing products and for providing technical support, a cutting-edge infrastructure is available to Elekeiroz and our customers and partners:
• Benchtop Synthesis
• Pilot Plants
• Chemical Characterization
• Application Testing
• Mechanical Testing
• Rheology
• Accelerated Aging

Partnership and Innovation Management

From the moment an opportunity is seized (which may arise out of a contact with a customer, supplier, university or research center or the monitoring of technological and industrial developments) to the production of an industrial batch and approval by the customer, Elekeiroz’s Innovation Management Program conducts and regulates the project monitoring activities, allowing for a strategic analysis of new opportunities and projects in progress, as well as a proper allocation of funds.

In addition to all of the efforts undertaken within Elekeiroz, carrying out projects in partnership with customers, technology developers, universities and research centers both in Brazil and abroad is part of our routine. This working style enables efforts to be multiplied for better meeting the needs and expectations of the chemical market.

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