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9 de March de 2016



EKFLEX 883 is a colorless liquid plasticizer based on diisooctyl phthalate (DIOP) and isomers thereof, featuring excellent performance and providing great value for money. Recommended for use primarily in applications where PVC resins are used, this plasticizer offers good non-migration properties, flexibility, weatherability and outstanding performance in such industrial processes as calendering, fabric coating, extrusion, injection and rotational molding thanks to its attributes and high efficiency.

Other Names

  • Bis(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate and isomers thereof
  • Diisooctyl Phthalate and isomers thereof
  • 1,2-Benzenedicarboxylic Acid and isomers thereof
  • Diesters with hydrogenated dimerized propylene de-hydroformylation products and isomers thereof

Markets & Applications

Apparel & Footwear: Shoes, sandals, synthetic materials, laminates, coated fabrics and textile finishes.
Building & Construction: Glues, hoses, tanks, vinyl or wood flooring systems, wires and cables.
Paints & Coatings: Varnishes, paints and coatings, masterbatches and plastisol.

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