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A Elekeiroz produz de maneira integrada diferentes linhas de resinas poliéster insaturadas utilizadas em diversos mercados e aplicações, tais como: Construção, Indústria Automotiva, Saneamento, Indústria Elétrica e Naval, entre outros usos industriais.

9 de March de 2016

Our Products

Elekeiroz runs an integrated production of different lines of unsaturated polyester resins used in several industries and applications, such as construction, automotive, sanitation, electric power generation and ship-building, among others.

Unsaturated Polyester Resin Line

Orthophthalic Resins
Orthophthalic unsaturated polyester resins are the ones most commonly used and feature low heat deflection temperature (HDT) and low physico-mechanical strength. They are light-colored and find applications in boat-building, translucent vitrification, pushbuttons, etc.
Examples: UC 2012, UC 5518 TMI, UC 6226, etc.

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Resins
Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) unsaturated polyester resins feature greater mechanical strength than orthophthalic resins, with a light turbidity and low ultraviolet (UV) radiation resistance. They are commonly used to manufacture swimming pools, water tanks, etc.
Examples: UC 2069 (PET), UC 2090 (PET/DCPD), UC 9010 (PET/DCPD), etc.

Isophthalic Resins
Isophthalic unsaturated polyester resins display superior properties compared to orthophthalic and terephthalate ones and are therefore extensively used to manufacture tanks, water and sewage pipes and gel coats.
Examples: ISO A 400, ISO 1005, ISO 1015, ISO 1016, ISO 1200, ISO 1300, ISO 1400, etc.

DCPD Resins
DCPD unsaturated polyester resins feature good heat deflection temperature (HDT), excellent wetting and low shrinkage properties, being broadly used in the boat-building, transportation and infusion markets.
Examples: UC 8987 (DCPD), UC 2080 (DCPD), UC 8060 (DCPD), etc.
BioPoli Resins
The BioPoli unsaturated polyester resins use raw materials from renewable sources and reused thermoplastic resins, leading to up to 20-percent savings of those non-renewable fossil resources which usually go into traditional polyester resins.
Examples: BP 901, BP 902, BP 830, etc.

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